of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania

Judge Daniel D. McCaffery

Service to others has always been the cornerstone of Judge McCaffery’s career. Dan McCaffery served his country as a Soldier in the U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Division. After returning from the U.S. Army, he earned his degree from Temple Law. Judge McCaffery has had the honor of working in Pennsylvania courtrooms for 28 years: twenty-two years as a prosecutor and a civil trial attorney and the last six years as a judge.

Judge McCaffery has built a reputation in the legal community as an experienced jurist known for his high degree of professionalism and judicial temperament. In 2019 he received the rating of “Highly Recommended” by the Pennsylvania Bar Association for a seat on the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

The son of working-class Irish immigrants, Dan McCaffery’s parents instilled in their children the importance of giving back to the country that allowed them the opportunity to build a better life for their family. Judge McCaffery is honored to begin serving as a Judge of the Superior Court, and continuing his service to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its citizens by bringing his lifetime of experience, hard work and working-class values to the court.